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Friday Flix Schedule - The Goonies


The GooniesThe Goonies (1985)
Oct 19, 7:00 pm

When two brothers find out that they must move because a golf course is being put in their neighborhood, they must fight to protect their home.  Once they find an old treasure map in their attic they devise a plan.  In order to stop the developers from demolishing their house, the two brothers and a gang of friends who call themselves the “Goonies” use the map to lead them to the treasure of “One-Eyed” Willie.  While on their mission the Goonies face many perilous dangers, including the infamous giant called Sloth!  The Goonies is a timeless tale of adventure that can be enjoyed by those both young and old.  Join in on the Friday Flix Festival to watch the Goonies embark on their thrilling journey.

Rated PG, 1hr 51min
Marquee Sponsor: Seward Electric

Seward Electric


All films are shown on the wall outside the Colonial Fox Theatre.
Donations appreciated ($3 suggested) - All proceeds benefit the Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation

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