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Friday Flix Schedule - E.T.


ETE.T.:The Extra Terrestrial (1982)
June 15

During its run at the Colonial fox theatre in the 80’s, E.T. was an instant hit.  Now E.T. is returning to the theatre during our Friday Flix Festival!  The blockbuster film replaced Star Wars as the highest grossing film of all time and held the record for ten years.  E.T. tells the story of a young boy named Elliot who finds and befriends a lost alien.  Left behind by his spaceship E.T. takes refuge with Elliot when discovered in his shed looking for food.  An exciting adventure ensues.  With the help of Elliot, E.T. must return to his home and avoid both Elliot’s mother and government agents.  Not only is E.T. one of the greatest science fiction stories ever made, but also one of the greatest stories of friendship ever told.

Rated PG, 115 minutes
Marquee Sponsor: MPIX



All films are shown on the wall outside the Colonial Fox Theatre.
Donations appreciated ($3 suggested) - All proceeds benefit the Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation

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